Apkalbos.lt - communication portal with many user - friendly features
Atgal į visus darbus

Apkalbos.lt - communication portal, where visitors are encouraged to discuss about what they like or dislike. This site stores a lot of information and it is growing fast. The information is tied together using specific algorithms so visitors can easily find what interest them most. While reading, you are offered to view other records containing similar information. Very simple search module, highlighting expressions of interest.


AJAX technology was used to develop latest events module, that let's you see what's changed during your stay in the portal.


Portal has a lot of user - friendly features, such as:

  • Search,
  • Live view of latest events,
  • Record rating / commenting feature,
  • User registration,
  • Point calculation,
  • Posting records with picture and video,
  • And many other, you can try it out www.apkalbos.lt



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